3 Step Videos is a firm specializing in the production of short animated explainer videos. The client came to me with a business strategy, branding, and website copy. My job was to develop a landing page that highlighted the benefits of their service and provided examples of their work. Users are directed to the site by a sales team sending emails and calling businesses that may benefit from working with the company. The goal was to sell the work even further with an effective landing page.


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Since users were being directed to the site by sales people, the landing page had to be clear, concise, easy to follow, and convincing. The best way to achieve this is through a one page layout, which keeps the user from having to navigate through a site they are already unfamiliar with. Some features requested by the client were:

  • A contact form which forwards inquiries to multiple email addresses
  • A chat window for visitors to ask questions to an employee
  • Embedded videos of examples and previous work
  • Website analytics to monitor traffic

After laying out the site and making it live, the sales team involved began sending out emails to potential clients. I looked at one week of data through Google Analytics and found the average session per visitor was very short. I informed the client and suggested they revise their pitch in the emails, but I also made a change to the site and moved their explainer video from a section in the middle of the page and made it big at the top of the page, front and center. The result was an increased average session (of all users) to nearly the length of the explainer video.

When users visit the site, they are presented with the option to chat with an employee. I set up the client with an account through PureChat, and implemented it with the site. When a visitor starts a chat, the client is alerted with a notification on their phone.

In order to provide the client with details on the performance of their campaigns, I set up a Bitly account to track the link clicks of each email. This saved the client money by removing the need for a paid CRM tool. By using a new Bitly link in each campaign, they are able to see the click-through percentage it drives, and rank the effectiveness of multiple selling strategies.



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Joey Mueller